4 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Jeweller

Have you finally found the one and deciding to propose? Congratulations to you! This decision will be followed by your visit to a jewellery shop, maybe for the very first time that you are going to buy an important piece of jewellery. Of course, you would experience an overwhelming amount of pressure and confusion about where to start first, what sort of ring I should buy, and what not. This article helps you in clearing the fog of confusion in no time. Ask these questions to your jeweller at Brisbane Jewellery Stores to make a hassle-free decision.

  1. What are the 4c’s? Is the diamond certified? And if so, who by?

When your jeweller provides you options for the diamond, make note that they give you independently graded specifications for each diamond piece. Feel free to ask about which organization has certified the diamond. There are many diamond grading institutions which bear different standards. GIA or Gemological Institute of America, the market leader, has the strictest grading standards. Other renowned institutions are AGS or American Gem Society Laboratories, GSL or Gem Studies Laboratory, and AusCert or Scientific Gem Testing Laboratories.


  1. Can you present me the diamond under magnification?

Many times, a diamond will only unleash its authentication when you view it through a 10 x loupe. This is the most standard magnification for grading diamonds. It is when you see the stone up close that makes you realise what seems like a minor difference, can make a huge impact in real life.

  1. What are your After Sales Services?

This is one of the most crucial questions to ask. An engagement ring has both monetary and sentimental value, and is meant to be worn for a lifetime. Just like any huge investment, an engagement ring will need many check-up routines to ensure its longevity. Many jewellery stores provide services like polishing and plating services for your ring, and many more services.


  1. Which metal should I select?

Metal selection is also one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. White metals are the most popular, then follow the rose and yellow golds. If you select white metal, it provides you with two more options further: platinum and white gold. Platinum is known for its intrinsic strength and pure white colour, but it surely comes with a cost. White gold is great too, but it would require a rhodium plating in every few years.