6 Must-Have Features of HEPA Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers are one of the most sophisticated air purifiers in the market. They are especially designed to make sure that the air you breathe is free from all kinds of air pollutants. These air pollutants could be dust particles, pollens, mould spores, pet dander or any kind of pollutants that are more than 0.3 Microns in size. They are very efficient at what they do and hardly allow any kind of air pollutants to escape. Therefore, if you are planning to buy HEPA purifiers, there are a few features that your purifier must have for complete functional power.

Here are a few features that all HEPA purifiers should have:

  1. HEPA Technology:

The HEPA filter integrated within is the key to make this purifier function the way it does. This HEPA filtration technology helps the purifier in removing about 99% of air pollutants completely, which are present in the indoor air. The mechanism of this HEPA filtration has three stages, namely interception, impaction and diffusion. This way, all pollutants that are more than 0.3 microns in size are removed from the air giving out pure air.

  1. Particulate Matter Removal:

Your HEPA purifier should have a way to effectively remove pollutants like particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM), which are present in the air indoors. The purifier has carbon filter absorbents that are specifically designed to absorb any kind of foul odour that is present in the indoor air. This helps ensure that even the particulate matter isn’t left in the air as pollutant.

  1. An Inbuilt Ionizer:

Even after a complete HEPA filtration and particulate matter removal, there are many air pollutants, which are still left in the air. These pollutants are too small to be cleansed by the above mentioned features which is why an ionizer is required. An inbuilt ionizer improves the air freshness by releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions force pollutants to either stick to the walls of the house or traps them on a special collection plate that is near the ionizing unit.

  1. Air Quality Monitoring:

Many air purifiers would give you promises of pure air but you would have no way to verify those claims as you won’t have a way of monitoring the air quality. Therefore it is highly advised to purchase an air purifier that has this feature. The air purifier with an air quality monitor would show you what the air quality is in real time using an inbuilt sensor. There is an LED display to show the air quality. Three colours are generally used. Red for poor quality, pink for good or moderate quality and blue for excellent air quality.

  1. Functional Design:

Air purifiers can be bulky or compact. Function of both the purifiers is almost similar but air purifiers that have a handy convenient functional design are easy to use and install. You don’t have to worry about assembling a bulky air filter and all you need to do is fit it on your wall or room as directed.

  1. Customizable:

Sometimes you want the air purifier to run for a fixed amount of time or you want to variate the speed of the purification. All this would be possible if your HEPA purifier is customizable. Customizable air purifiers come with an 8 hour timer function and various speed levels as well.

If your purifier has all these features, then it is definitely the best choice for air purifiers.