Buying an Anniversary Ring for your Spouse? These Tips will Help You

A wedding anniversary is a special celebration for couples who stay committed to their vows and devotion to their spouse. Marking this occasion with a great anniversary ring is an excellent way to express the growing love for each other. This piece of jewelry is timeless and elegant as well as a statement of love.

But buying the best anniversary ring can be challenging given the myriad options available to choose from. You will have to take into account some factors to ensure you get the right one that your spouse will like. When choosing an anniversary ring for your beloved spouse, the tips below should be able to help you make the right choice:

Plan in Advance

Depending on what you are looking for or the size your spouse wants, it is easy to fall in love with a ring which takes more time to make. In case your preferred ring goes out of stock or you want to order a different size, you may have to wait for weeks or months to get it. By planning in advance, you will be able to give the ring to your spouse at the perfect time.

Think about the Style of your Spouse

You have probably understood your spouse’s interest and style in terms of jewelry. You must pick an anniversary ring which matches their style and fashion. Since you want them to wear it often, look for a piece they are comfortable with. If you are not sure about their preference, pay attention to what they wear every day and figure it out.

Consider the Ring’s Quality

If you prefer a model which features huge diamonds, make sure they have high clarity. Big stones are visible which means flaws are noticeable. You will not want to get a low-quality ring for the special person in your life.  Compared to bigger diamonds, small stones tend to cost less per carat. Thus, a ring with a smaller diamond can be cheaper than one with a big diamond.

Models that have bigger center diamonds and small side stones are also standard. If you pick a band with small stones, make sure the stones aren’t so small that the bigger center stone overpowers them.

Choose a Piece that Compliments your Wedding Ring

You may prefer to give your spouse an anniversary ring that is similar to your wedding ring. If this is your decision, find something that has the same consistent stones and metal types which will compliment the wedding ring.

Customize the Ring

Just like wedding rings, custom anniversary rings are hot these days. If you want your spouse to have a unique ring, have it customized. Look for a jeweler that can transform a ring into something that meets your requirements. Consider giving your spouse a ring that has a special meaning for both of you. This could include birthstones that represent each other or any kids involved. Also, you can choose a ring which features a gemstone like a sapphire or ruby rather than diamonds. Gold marks one year, diamonds mark ten years and sapphire marks five years.