Fashion Mistakes A Guy Should Avoid With His Suits

Men in suits look polished and disciplined. Men’s suit gives a unique personality, charm, comfort and confidence. With growing fashion and new trends on the fashion radar it is very difficult to match ourselves with the style quotient. There are common mistakes that people usually make. Nevertheless it leaves a strong impact on people’s mind.

Commonly, we often come across men wearing good quality suits but in the wrong way. Either the combination of his shirt, pants, socks, ties, accessories spoils the look. At the same time, it is very important to make a good impression at the next conference meeting. You need to keep pace with the always changing fashion trends. Let us check in detail:

Oversized suits

Buying oversize is a strict fashion no. You must buy according to the right size and fit. Before buying you must check it giving a trial. Not only plus size clothing makes you look funny but also it is not at all masculine. It will only make you smaller.

Therefore, clean up the mess in your wardrobe. Remove all your oversized suits and shirts. Go for perfect fit or slim fit. There are some online stores in France that offer lucrative discounts on vêtement pour homme. You can check and compare prices with quality before buying.

Short trouser lines

This is one of the biggest men’s fashion disasters. Most of the men think it is classy with an abrupt ending of the trousers. But let me clarify it to you, socks popping up sideways through the trousers are no classy. In fashion terms it is called bad trouser breaks.

It will give you a look of military person and less formal of you. Therefore take them to the tailor and ask him to give proper break with a slight fold. Some small folds in the front part reaching midway towards the heel will look perfect on any men.

Office shirts not being tucked

Not tucking your shirts may be hype in your college but it is no more as you pass out. Un-tucked shirts with formal pants will never give you a formal look. Rather it gives a feel that you are careless and less bothered. Shirts on whatever occasion you are wearing make sure you are tucking it properly.


It is suggested that you need not try to experiment too much on colors. Moreover, you must pay proper attention to the belts and the shoes. The color of your belt should match the color of your shoes.