Here’s Everything You Should Know about Nomination Jewelry

Nomination jewelry is one of the most adored ranges in the world of jewelry. Nomination jewelry is deemed to be the most exceptional since the launch of the precious double links. With the embrace of Nomination range, the wearer becomes their own stylist, they are free to select from a wide variety of valuable links to satisfy their tastes and to articulate their own exceptional stories.

Nomination has launched three new Composable ranges:

  1. Gold Composable Collection
  2. Rose Gold Composable Collection
  3. Silvershine Composable Collection

These Composable collection ranges let you create an exceptional and valuable piece of jewelry by selecting from a range of a plethora of symbols and shiny stones. The ingenious design signify that each and every link is deemed to be interchangeable so that it becomes easy for you to customize each and every part of your Nomination bracelet.

Every link is made in Italy with the help of the highest quality stainless steel to make sure that your bracelet is hypoallergenic and doesn’t tarnish at all. The links are further adorned with valuable stones in sterling silver, with hand painted enamel and sparkling stones so that the bracelet you wish to wear is a small treasure to carry along and you can add more links as you go.

Difference Between Nomination Classic Charm and Nomination Big Charm

The idea behind creating the Composable range was to design a fashion jewelry that helps in expression of style and personality of the wearer. There are 4 sizes of Nomination links and bracelets:

  1. Tiny
  2. Smarty
  3. Classic

The Classic size is the most popular one amongst all. They are also famous amongst men. This bracelet is composed of links joined together with the help of spring mechanism then the charms are replaced to customize the bracelet by your own choice.

Now when it comes to comparison between Composable Classic and Composable Big, the Composable Big Links have the same width size as its counterpart, but they are slightly taller in length. Composable Nomination Charms are solely used on the Composable Classic: they have the same size but – Composable Big’ links are the same width as a ‘Composable Classic’ link but are slightly taller. – ‘Composable Charms’ are for use on the Composable Classic bracelet, they are the s they possess a drop charm characteristic. Both Composable Classic and Composable Charms are not at all compatible with each other, so they cannot be included in the same bracelet category at all.