Interested In Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery? Here’s Your Guide!

There’s no denying that gold has its own charm, but not everyone can afford a 22k pendant and chain! Not to forget, there are people, who swear by the beauty of silver, and if you are one of them, sterling silver might be the most affordable choice you have. Before you go ahead and buy sterling silver jewellery, here’s more on what you need to know.

What exactly is sterling silver?

Silver, much like gold, is a rather brittle metal in its purest form, and therefore, not suited for making jewellery in particular. People often buy silver because they want to get jewellery that’s easier to maintain and use on an everyday basis. For the uninitiated, sterling silver jewellery contains 92.5% of silver and rest of it is copper. It should be noted that the remaining 7.5% non-silver portion can be any metal, although copper is the usual standard.

Where to buy sterling silver jewellery?

There are many online stores that now stock sterling silver jewellery, and it’s easier to buy such items compared to gold. The idea is to go for designs that are not too heavy and can be used on a regular basis. As you can guess, sterling silver jewellery is way more affordable, so you can always choose to indulge in as many designs as you want. The good thing is sterling silver items are extremely diverse, so from simple studs to expensive pendants and chains, there’s something for everyone. There are many websites that also design personalized collections, which is a great way to own jewellery that matches your ideas.

Care and more

Quality sterling silver jewellery can last a lifetime with basic care. When not in use, make sure that you store your jewellery in a nice cotton or muslin cloth, away from other metals. Also, do not wear sterling silver items when you are dealing chemicals, ammonia and bleach. Chlorine in swimming pool can also reduce the shine of sterling silver jewellery, so avoid wearing your precious belongings while on a swim. There is no specific care that the metal demands, but silver can oxidize, so keep an eye on exposure to chemicals of different kinds.

If you are new to buying sterling silver jewellery, always select a reliable and known online store that you can trust. Check the range of items they have, and don’t forget to try different styles. Online stores often have the most trending designs on offer.