Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Expensive Jewelry

They glitter, and they make women and men, alike pulsate with happiness. But, what happens when the expensive jewelry you bought gets tarnished too soon or if it turns out to be less valuable than you though.

What happens then? How do you even make sure that your partner, mother or friend loves the expensive piece of jewelry? How do you minimize the risk of disappointment, on both ends? Unlike cellphones, you need to make an impression once with jewelry.


Educate yourself about jewelry, whether this is your first or tenth jewelry set. What do you know about diamond jewelry or jewelry made of other gemstones like the tanzanite? Do you know how the precious jewels are made? What type of care do the pieces require? Are those real gems, and can you afford regular polishing or examination?

If you are buying diamonds, pearls or other colored gemstones, check the purity or the karatage of the pieces.

These factors will influence the price of the jewelry. Did you know that higher-karat gold is more yellow and softer than the low-karat gold? Having this information ensures that you don’t make a regrettable mistake.

Setting an unrealistic budget

Your friend or partner would love the best jewelry set but, can you afford it? This may sound like something a dumb person says but, that person will understand if you cannot afford that expensive piece.

If something is worth more than you anticipated, don’t drive yourself into debt because it is appealing. Instead, you should buy the next best alternative or, keep shopping. You might find something better, one that is within your budget.

Guessing the ring size

This has been, and it could be the biggest mistake you make when buying jewelry. You should never guess the ring size – unless, the store allows returns after a ring is tried out.

To avoid complications, you might want to carry a ring someone else was carrying then have the size determined on the ring-sizing chart. You might want to trace the size of the ring on paper and then carry it to the shop.

Alsoy, you could use the average sizing which is 7 for women and 10 for men.

Are those myths or facts?

Some people believe that the opals bring bad luck and that diamonds are indestructible, or that biting gold helps to differentiate genuine from ingenuine pieces. But are these stories true? In some cases, some stories or myths are true but to get that information; you have to research further. Don’t we all know that diamonds are destructible and saying they are indestructible is misguided?

Guessing the taste of the recipient

Is the recipient conservative or a hopeless romantic? Do they prefer plain to glitzy? Does the recipient ever wear earrings or chains? These questions are essential as they will lead you to the best piece of jewelry of the alternative gift you should buy. You don’t want to buy a bedazzled ring when the recipient prefers plain gold, silver or black jewelry.

Lastly, read the fine print. The fine print will tell you what happens if the jewelry doesn’t work out. What happens if a stone falls out? Are there money-back guarantees? Can you exchange it? Is there store credit? How long is the warranty coverage?