Reasons Favouring the Need to Customise Handmade Rings

In course of time a lot of trends and fashion of jewellery items tend to change, however people still prefer to wear handmade jewellery items. As it never loses its classic beauty and the person feels pride in wearing handmade ornaments. Hence, it isn’t a surprise that engaged couple opt to buy engagement rings handcrafted in New Zealand.

Why customised handmade rings are quite popular?

  • You are able to buy unique rings, as the rings displayed in jewellery shops are mass products, thus similar rings can be seen in other shops too. You can ask the jeweller to make rings perfectly matching with wedding ring.
  • You can have the ring as you desire. You can customise the design, add the gems as preference and get perfect size of the ring. When you buy from displayed rings, the creativity is limited, some part of the design you won’t like to have in the ring. Thus, a lot of time is consumed while choosing the most likable ring among the many displayed in the shop.

  • No compromise in quality, as the ring will be surely made of pure metal. Hence, it will be more valuable than the readymade rings. The mass-produced rings may be exclusive in design but somewhere the quality isn’t up to the mark as jewel makers try to mix proportions of other metal to make the ring look lustrous.
  • It may take time to make the piece by hand and will be costlier than the machine made one available readily in the market, however it is worth the added efforts. Machine made jewellery won’t cost more and available in few days even if you customize them. However, in machine jewellery the fine cuts given by craftsman by hand is missing.

In handmade jewellery you get the value of the money you pay for the customised rings. While in mass produced rings present in shops may be less valuable as often jewellery makers prefer to produce ornaments using less of the valuable metals or try to install inferior quality gem stones. They use certain process like hallowing out certain areas which is hidden by placing stones or at the back of the ornaments. This method of making jewellery items can’t be adapted in handmade jewels.

To know the importance of customised handmade rings by expert craftsman, log on to websites of popular jewellers worldwide.