Six Mind-Baffling Bars in Connaught Place for Beer Lovers

Connaught Place in Delhi not only the best cafes in the capital, but also some of the best bars. Some of the bars serve exquisite drinks of various types. From low price ranges to the high-end ones, these bars are known to have it all. But not everyone has a taste for scotch, whisky or cocktails. Some people are just beer people. They would like a bar only when the type of beer that they serve is of great quality and taste.

Here are the top 6 bars that going to baffle the minds of the beer lovers in Connaught Place:

Ministry of Beer– When it comes to having the best beer in Connaught Place, the first name that pops up in the mind is the Ministry of Beer CP. The place is so big and so beautifully decorated that, it will leave one dumbstruck. The place not only serves the best bar but the bar comprises of all sorts of drinks. The place also has a huge dance floor which is often occupied by party people swinging to the beats and the rhythm. The place also has the facility of live music where various performances take place from time to time.

Lord of The Drinks– Out of all the pubs that are present in Delhi, this is surely the most stylish one. It is a perfect getaway after a long day of mundane work. The ambience of this bar resembles the settings of Scotland and Ireland back in the 16th and the 17th century. If you want to experience the night life along with a happening crowd, then this place must be on your list. It is also a favourite place for all beer people.

Route 64– This bar in Connaught Place is built entirely with an American theme. The ambience is quite casual and the Continental and American food served here is excellent in both taste and quality. Beer and cocktails served here are widespread with lots of choices available. Music playing here is mostly retro and this completes the overall ambience in a very beautiful manner.

Tap House– Another bar that is quite popular amongst the beer lovers is Tap House. One of the best things about this bar and restaurant is that it is quite economical. Thus a large majority of youth get attracted towards this place. It offers the best beer along with other drinks at a much lower price as compared to the other bars at Connaught Place.

Teddy Boy– This is one of the happening gastro pubs of Connaught Place. The ambience of this bar makes you feel like you are having a drink back in the 1950s with the Englishmen of London. Interiors of the bar are pulsating and the jazzy sculpture makes it even more elegant and classy. If you are looking for a great place to have a beer, then this place is the right choice for you.

Excuse Me Boss– For all the beer lovers who are looking forward to visiting a place with good beer and hookah, Excuse Me boss bar is the right place for you. Without compromising on the taste and quality of the food and drinks served, it offers them at a very low cost. The lighting system in the dark interior accentuates the entire feel of the bar.

These bars are best-known places where you can savour the best taste of the beer along with mouth-watering food.