The must-haves in your bag collection

We list the most important bags to add to your collection this year. Take a look to see which one you haven’t got – and get shopping!

There is no woman on the planet that can resist the lure of a new bag. Whether a tiny purse or a large handbag, every woman needs a variety of bags for different occasions, even different seasons of the year.

This year, get the following must-have bags if you haven’t already:

* Sling bags. These are the most basic types of bags which transition smoothly from day wear to night. Women’s sling bags are equally at home in a casual setting as they are in the office. However, pick a sling bag for women in a staid hue like black or brown if you’re carrying it to the office – garish colours with graffiti on it is a strict ‘NO’ at work! The sling bag for women features an adjustable shoulder strap while some may also feature a small handle to pass your fingers through. Pick a sling bag that holds all the essentials – lunchbox, water bottle, makeup kit, car and house keys, wallet, mobile phone and other odds and ends.

* Clutches. These are used for formal occasions. Clutches gel with Indian ethnic wear, though you can easily carry them with a fitted dress or an evening gown as well. Clutches can feature both simple, plain finishes or a flashier, blingyone. Pick the clutch to match the colour of your outfit. In terms of embellishments, the rule should always be: less if the ensemble has many embellishments, and more if the outfit is plain.

* Laptop bags. Many a working woman requires a sturdy but chic laptop bag. Earlier iterations of laptop bags were essentially backpacks with a compartment for the laptop and a strap to hold it in place. However, newer versions of laptop bags feature a flat silhouette with a shoulder strap, and enough room to hold your notebooks, stationery, wallet and mobile phone too.

* Handbags. Handbags are a must-have addition to your bag collection because they are an accessory for all seasons! Whether workwear or casual, whether a social occasion or a formal one, every woman can carry a handbag with aplomb. Plus, there is no restriction on the size or shape or even the colour of the handbag that you pick, or which ensemble you pair it with. Go online on leading fashion sites to pick handbags in new colours like turquoise and magenta, across premium brands.

* Backpacks. These bags are used when you want to go camping or on a short trip out of the city. They are meant for rough and tumble use, and to hold all your essentials when you are outdoors – water, snacks, even an extra pair of clothes. But you can buy both small backpacks and large, depending on the use you will put the bag to. We suggest picking backpacks with light reflecting bands on the surface, if you’re planning to use it after dark to go walking or trekking.