Top Beautiful Ombre Hairstyles

For someone who is indecisive and can’t decide between having light and dark hark, ombre is the perfect look for you. In the past, this trend was considered strange but when done properly you get the best of both worlds. In this article, we have listed the top ombre hairstyle that is trending right now, for more information you can visit

Ombre is basically blending a lighter and a darker hue until they form a seamless gradient. If done right the colors look seamless and work for any season, mostly in the summer. The ombre trend is a great way of getting two shades of color for your hair without having to worry about it matching your skin tone.

Ombre DIY:

A normal color process can be a bit heavy on the pocket and not many people can afford a salon done ombre look, but there are many ways you can achieve the look at home. It’s not as difficult as it seems, but there are few things you will have to keep in mind before you decide to ombre your hair.

After you have decided the shade and combination of shades, remember to keep the shades subtle and not drastic so that the colors blend into each other seamlessly. Make sure that you choose colors that will match your skin color this way the end result will really good.

After the color is decided then you can decide on the point on which you want the shading to begin, usually, any place around the jawline is preferred. Other things you can consider are the colors you are going to use and the brush you are going to use for the application. After mixing the shades make sure you follow the directions on the box properly. After applying the color you can let it sit and then wash it away after 45 minutes.

If you feel like working the process at home is too much effort and would rather go to the salon then the list below has some really great ideas that you can ask your stylist to try on your hair:

  1. Traditional ombre:

This style starts with dark roots; this hairstyle is popular because of its simple and gorgeous blending into a soft blonde tip. This look is popular because of the effortless gradient and the smooth transition of the colors. The rich chocolate blends into beautiful caramel strands and these results in a gorgeous mane.

  1. From soft to fiery red:

Even natural redheads can enjoy the ombre look, and this style is the reason why. Starting with a light auburn at the crown and then blending into a fierce orange towards the tips. In fact, it gives your strands a wonderful sun-kissed look. This look is perfect carry through summer and fall.

  1. Platinum to Ash brown:

Platinum shade has become all the rage and this look is popular because of its subtle trend. The dark roots and the bright tips may seem stark in theory, but once applied, the result is amazing. This look is great for short hair as the transition comes in quickly.


For a stylish look, the ombre trend is perfect for you as it will seem new and exciting through all the season. This style is great for all shades of hair; you just need to find the style that suits your hair the best.